Cloud enabled CPQ

COMBINUM is a cloud enabled CPQ system that can be deployed both within the Azure cloud and on-premises.

Modern cloud computing brings many business advantages and is natural to consider in a corporate IT strategy. It’s cost-effective, it provides scalability and agility, it’s highly reliable and secure.

Even if you like to start with a classical on-premises installation it’s a future-proof choice to select a modern cloud enabled CPQ software like COMBINUM.

The COMBINUM cloud initiative is more then deployment, it also includes integrations. COMBINUM integrates to cloud software inside Azure.

There is a deep integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales. The integration to Dynamics 365 is built so that you can still decide whether to run COMBINUM inside the Azure cloud or on-premises.

Cloud computing
COMBINUM deployed in Microsoft Azure


With COMBINUM in the Azure cloud you have access to the CPQ anytime and anywhere. Read more about the advantages and the technology behind.

Integration to Dynamics 365 Sales

Dynamics 365 Sales

The integration between COMBINUM and Dynamics 365 Sales brings the best of the CRM and the CPQ world together in a natural collaboration.

Dynamics solution provider

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