COMBINUM Composite

The composite module lets you build and configure systems. The parts of a system are configured individually with mutual dependencies between the configured parts. This module is also ideal for building quotes that contains multiple configured products.

The composite module is a part of COMBINUM CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote).

Configuration of the parts in a system

Build a hierarchy of configurations

With the composite module you can build an unlimited number of levels with configurations in configurations.

Typical examples can be an elevator where each stop is configured individually or a section built directional control valve where each section is configured individually.

In both these examples some of the parameters are set for the complete system while others are set for each child configuration. However, there is often a need to access system parameters also at the child level and therefore the values of these parameters can be inherited to the children.

In some cases relations in a system is even more complex than just inheritance from parent to child. The configurator engine of COMBINUM can handle relationships from parent to child, from child to parent and between sibling configurations.

Copy or import child configurations

A great time saver when building system configurations is the possibility to copy an existing child configuration in the system.

But COMBINUM doesn't stop there. You can also import child configurations from other systems. When child configurations are imported COMBINUM checks for rule conflicts and if found solves them automatically.