COMBINUM Graphics is a built-in graphics engine for visualization of the configured product in real-time as the options are chosen.

The graphic is rendered inside the web browser using the HTML5 format SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics). Rendered graphics can also be downloaded as a file in many major formats.

Configurator generated graphics

Rule driven vector graphics

The full configurator rule engine is available for controlling the graphic. Rule and formulas can be used to control virtually any part of the graphic included what shall be drawn, where, with what dimensions and with what colors.

Due to the fast rendering and high performance of the configurator the graphic can be shown and updated in real-time as the user makes the choices.

Download or embed graphics

COMBINUM uses the HTML5 technology SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) to render graphics in the web browser. But the graphic can also be downloaded as files in the formats AutoCAD DXF, Adobe PDF, SVG and PNG.

For Adobe PDF we offer an extension that supports vector graphics and offset printing features like CMYK colors, spot colors and tints.

The graphics engine and the report engine of COMBINUM goes hand in hand. So you can easily embed rule driven rendered graphics inside your reports like quotation letters.