COMBINUM Multi-Language

With the Multi-Language module the configurator application and all product information can be translated to any number of languages.

Globalization brings people and businesses closer together. With the configurator translated to local languages you increase your competiveness, can access new markets and expand your sales network.

Multilingual configurator and CPQ tool

Control what shall be translated

All product data, all parts of the configurator interface and even the modelling tool can be translated.

With COMBINUM you are in full control of what shall be translated and what shall not be translated. Inside the modelling tool COMBINUM Architect you simply define which fields that shall be translated. Needless to say customized fields can also be translated.

Multi-byte character support

Some languages and alphabets like Chinese, Japanese and Korean require multiple bytes to store each character. Other alphabets like those used for Russian, Greek, Thai, Arabic and Hebrew also require multiple byte characters when combined with latin characters. COMBINUM supports all these combinations.

Furthermore, some scripts like Arabic and Hebrew are written right-to-left. This is also supported.

Export and import with Microsoft Excel

Translations of product data can be managed directly inside the modelling tool COMBINUM Architect. But in order to simplify maintenance and contribution from professional translators the key texts and translations can be exported and imported using Microsoft Excel.