COMBINUM Nomenclature

With COMBINUM Nomenclature a product code string can automatically be generated as the configuration proceeds.

A product code string is a short text that describes the configuration. The product codes gives the user a quick overall picture of the configurations.

Product codes generated by the configurator

Tree with text snippets

The product codes are created by traversing a tree of different texts that are included or excluded based on rules. Individual text elements can also be dynamically generated using formulas.

Forerunners of configurators

The forerunners of configurators were often long a product code string that defined how the product was configured.

A string of text that roughly describes a configuration can still serve as a quick guideline in the communication with customers and service technicians. To be able to generate such a rule based string of text COMBINUM has a nomenclature engine.

Generation of macro programs

For configured mechatronic products where a mechanical design is controlled by an electrical computerized system it's common that a configured macro program need to be uploaded to the product at the end of the assembly process. The nomenclature engine is ideal for creation of such macros.