COMBINUM Product Data

Quotes often contain loads of product data. It can refer to performance, energy consumption, weight, delivery time, certifications and more. All this can be managed and calculated by COMBINUM.

The product data module extends the standard functionality for management of product data with capabilities like rules, formulas, matrixes, dictionaries and the data selector tool.

Product data managed or calculated by the configurator

Real time product data

The product data is generated in real time as the user specifies the product configuration. This means that the displayed value of the product data always reflects the choices that the user has made when configuring the product.

Different types of product data

Almost any kind of product data can be managed with COMBINUM. It can be simple questions that are answered with yes or no, it can be physical data that is calculated using formulas, it can be text based data or even large tables loaded with data of different types.

Multiple sources can together contribute to some product data in which case COMBINUM can utilize different methods to decide the resulting value. For example can the total weight of multiple components be determined with addition while on the other hand the delivery time is determined by finding the maximum value.

The Data Selector tool

The Data Selector tool is used by the customer or sales manager to find the best choice from a table of data. Typical applications can be to select the best motor to a machine or the best spool to a directional control valve.

The Data Selector present the table to the end user. But before presentation the table is sorted and filtered based on the choices done in the configuration and there is also support for calculated columns.

When the user has made a selection in the table, multiple parameters in the configuration can be driven by the selection.