The reports module gives you the possibility to create Microsoft Word reports like quotation letters, order acknowledgements, assembly instructions and spare part lists.

By automatic creation of quotation letters loads of time is saved and the sales manager can increase their focus on the business.  At the same time the risk of human errors in the quote, like a missing zero in a price figure, is minimized.

The reports module is a part of COMBINUM CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote).

Quotation letters can be generated with the CPQ package

Freedom in design

The reports are designed with the modelling tool COMBINUM Architect. This means that you can create the reports you need without engaging consultants for development of hard coded reports.

Since the reports are designed with the same elements that build up the file format of Microsoft Word you are totally free to create the design you desire. You can even import table and paragraph styles from existing documents.

Include any information

The reports can present any data entered by the user in a configuration. But the possibilities do not end there - virtually any data generated by the configurator can also be included in reports.

Example of data that can be included in reports:

  • Meta data about the quote
  • Customer information
  • Selected options
  • Total prices and individual price elements
  • Bill of materials
  • Generated product strings
  • Dynamic graphics
  • Child configurations with all above information