COMBINUM Sales Configurator

COMBINUM Sales Configurator is the main module with the configurator engine, the modelling tool COMBINUM Architect and core functionality for sales configuration.

With COMBINUM, customers and sales managers can create correct quotes and orders on the internet using any device.

The rule engine in the configurator guides the user and prevents disallowed choices. The questions which build up the quote can be answered in any order, as chosen by the user. The configurator only asks the questions that are relevant in each situation.

COMBINUM Sales Configurator includes functionality for configuration of quotes through guided selling with:

  • Parametric questions with a rich selection of data types
  • Parameter constraints that among other things prevents disallowed choices
  • Constraint solver that guides the user to make options available
  • Price calculation by option
  • Rich layout possibilities
  • Extensive help system
  • Rule controlled document links
  • Control and highlighting of mandatory parameters
  • State and revision management of configurations
  • File attachments to configurations
  • Search of configurations by example
  • Comparison of stored configurations side-by-side

User friendly and powerful modelling tool

COMBINUM Architect is the modelling tool with which you setup and maintain your products in the configurator.

The user interface is intuitive and easy to learn. COMBINUM is administrated in different trees so that the user effectively can focus on one task at a time.

COMBINUM Architect has excellent navigational capabilities which give the user the freedom to make where-used-analysis and follow any type of links between objects. You can even see in which written expressions and formula a certain parameter or value takes part in.