COMBINUM Structure

The structure module adds product configuration to COMBINUM with generation of bill of materials for work order planning, stock picking and assembly of the product.

Product configurator

Rule driven bill of materials

All parts of the bill of materials can be controlled by rules:

  • Which items to include
  • Addition and subtraction to the default quantity
  • Calculated quantities
  • Calculated properties like width and height of sheet metals
  • How deep the item tree shall be traversed

From multi-level to single-level

Generated multi-level bill of materials can be transformed to single-level bill of materials by calculating the amount of each leaf item. Whether or not to summarize multiple instances of the same leaf item (that share the same structure properties) is controlled by a setting.

COMBINUM Structure can even compose a grand total bill of materials from the bill of materials of each configuration in a configured system.

Presentation or integration

Depending on the type of product and the processes of the company, bill of materials could either be relevant to customers and sales managers or it could be something that is solely handled behind the scenes and sent to the ERP system by integration.

Bill of materials can be presented both in the configurator interface and in the interface for viewing stored configurations.

Users can manually add extra items that are not affected by reconfiguration of the bill of materials.