Responsive CPQ

We are using smartphones and tablets for an increasing number of tasks in our everyday lives. This trend is also changing the way we work. For many tasks you expect to be able to do them through your smartphone or tablet from any location in the world and no longer be tied to your desk at the office.

Since COMBINUM is a CPQ tool that addresses high end configuration complexity one might think that this can never be done through a smartphone. Configuring a car is one thing, but configuring a pulp and paper industry is something completely different.

This is definitely true, but our view is: Why not? In many situations it's very convenient to be able to work with a configuration through a smartphone. As long as it is easy to navigate through complex configuration models and as long as you get high performance, why not work with CPQ also on your smartphone?

Work with CPQ on smartphones

The upcoming COMBINUM 3.0 addresses this with a new responsive design and a highly optimized communication protocol between client and server or client and cloud.

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CEO of In-process Sweden AB