CPQ - Configure, Price, Quote

Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ)

Our CPQ package has all the functionality for best-in-class configuration, pricing and quoting and even basic CRM capacities.

Sales configurator


COMBINUM is designed for companies that manufacture configurable, multi-option products and that aim to enhance their sales productivity.

Dynamic graphics driven by configurator

Dynamic graphics

The built-in graphics engine of the configurator lets the product be visualized with a drawing or a schema in real-time as the options are chosen.

Product configurator

Production configuration

Manufacturing bill of materials and assembly instructions can be generated automatically and the open architecture simplifies integration to ERP systems.

Integrates CPQ with ERP, fast

When a CPQ system communicates with its environment the business value increases substantially.

The core of every integration is to gather and package information in a way that the receiving system can understand and act on.

The new module COMBINUM Code makes this easy and without the need for programming. You control both contents and format from the administration tool COMBINUM Architect.

The contents may consist of any information that is part of or can be generated from the quote or configuration. You control the format in detail and there are ready-to-use engines for XML, JSON and TXT.

The user friendly configurator

We take extreme measures in making COMBINUM user friendly for both end users and administrators.

Too many configurator projects have failed due to overly complex user interfaces.

In our world a configurator must both have a powerful rule engine and be easy to use for sales managers and customers as well as being easy to maintain for engineers.

The user friendly configurator

Streamlines your business

COMBINUM streamlines your quote-to-production process all the way from inquiry to assembled product.

Tasks like quote writing, price calculation, drawing and computing of bill of materials can be automated and your workforce can increase their focus on your core business.

All automation tasks are driven by the rule engine of the configurator and by having both the sales configurator functionality and the product configurator functionality under a common hood the maintenance work for the administrators is drastically reduced.

The configurator streamlines your business

Guides your sales managers

COMBINUM can guide the selection and configuration of any type of product or service and effectively minimize the risk of incorrect orders - what cannot be produced cannot be ordered.

To select the correct combination of options by answering dozens or hundreds of questions when configuring a product is a challenging task even for an expert.

With its intuitive user interface COMBINUM can effectively guide your sales manager through the maze of options. Among the guiding features are image per option, prevention of disallowed combinations, hiding of irrelevant questions, suggestion of best options, highlighting of mandatory questions and live graphics.

The CPQ tool guides sales managers

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