CPQ - Configure, Price, Quote

COMBINUM CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) gives you best-in-class functionality for offering and selling complex, multi-option products. COMBINUM CPQ is a package of four modules on top of the sales configurator.

The CPQ package adds functionality to manage customers, to have multiple configurations in a quote, to do advanced price calculations and to generate quotation letters.

If you don't need the complete package - don't worry. As with all parts of COMBINUM you only buy the modules that you really need.

CPQ - Configure, Price, Quote
CPQ - Customer management

Manage customers

You can manage your customers and contacts in COMBINUM and access all attached information when making quotes.

CPQ - Multiple configurations in a quote

Create quotes

Multiple products can be configured and put in a single quote. Options selected at the quote level can be inherited to the individual configurations.

CPQ - Let the configurator calculate the prices

Calculate prices

Price per option is a standard function. With Advanced Pricing you can handle currencies, discounts, multiple price lists, formulas and hierarchical prices.

CPQ - Generate quotation letters with prices

Generate quotation letters

With COMBINUM you can easily create reports that generates quotation letters and order acknowledgements in Microsoft Word format.

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