COMBINUM is designed for companies that manufacture configurable, multi-option products and aim to enhance their sales productivity.

COMBINUM is a highly scalable configurator in terms of configuration complexity, number of users and level of functionality. With its modules, COMBINUM is built to let you purchase exactly the configurator functionality that you actually need.

COMBINUM Sales Configurator is the main module. It contains the configurator engine, the modelling tool COMBINUM Architect and core functionality for sales configuration.

Click on the links below to learn more about the modules of the configurator and read about our CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) package.

COMBINUM Sales Configurator

COMBINUM Sales Configurator

This is the main module with the configurator engine, the modelling tool COMBINUM Architect and core functionality for sales configuration.

CPQ - Pricing

COMBINUM Advanced Pricing

Price per option is a standard function. With Advanced Pricing you can handle currencies, discounts, multiple price lists, formulas and hierarchical prices.

Integrate CPQ with other systems like ERP


This integration module lets you define output with the contents and formats you need and expose it as web services or download links.

Composite configuration

COMBINUM Composite

The Composite module lets you configure parts of a system individually with mutual dependencies. It's also used for quotes with multiple configurations.

CPQ - Customer management

COMBINUM Customer Management

Manage you customers and information about them like addresses, contacts, prices, payment and delivery terms. Access this information in quotes.

Dynamic graphics generated by the configurator


The Graphics module lets configurations be visualized in real-time with a drawing or a schema. The graphic can also be downloaded in various formats.

Make the configurator multilingual

COMBINUM Multi-Language

With the Multi-Language module all product information as well as the actual configurator can be translated to any number of languages.

Product data that is managed or generated by the configurator

COMBINUM Product Data

The Product Data module extends the rule engine with support for calculations, retrieval of product data from tables and the data selector tool.

Configurator and CPQ reports


Reports can be rendered using virtually any data that is stored or generated by the configurator like options, prices, bill of materials, customers and graphics.

Bill of Materials (BoM)

COMBINUM Structure

This module turns COMBINUM into a product configurator. Bill of materials are created with rule driven item inclusions, quantities, levels and properties.

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