COMBINUM Advanced Pricing

Price per option is a standard function in COMBINUM. With the advanced pricing module you can get a rich smorgasbord of pricing functionality.

The advanced pricing module is a part of COMBINUM CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote).

The module extends the configurator with CPQ functionality for advanced pricing

Rules and price calculations

Instead of having a one-to-one relation between prices and options you can write any rule to control when a certain price shall be included.

The common case is that each price in a price list is fixed. But you can also write a formula to calculate the price. Common scenarios for this are shipping costs and costs for products with some dimensional freedom.

Hierarchical price lists and discounts

Price elements of a price list can consist of child price elements which opens up many pricing possibilities. You can for example group the elements of a price list in logical sections or use this for having a fine tuned price lists where the details are now shown to the users.

Hierarchical price lists are also ideal for discount handling. Discounts can be handled as factors that multiplies the individual price elements of the complete price list or parts of a hierarchical price list.

Currencies and exchange handling

COMBINUM can manage currencies and recalculate price lists on-the-fly using fixed exchange rates. Each price list has a default currency, but this can be overridden by settings on both user level and customer level.

Multiple price lists

With the advanced pricing module you can have any number of price lists per product.

This gives you the possibility of having different price lists for different regions of the world or for different customer segments, but it's also a great feature when you would like to prepare a new price list that should replace an existing at a certain date.