Pipelife is a multinational company that makes plastic pipes and chambers for streets and other infrastructure projects.

Sales are mainly done through wholesalers on the Swedish property market. Pipelife processes yearly more than 30 000 tons of plastic raw material.


  • A pedagogical tool with which the end customers can be educated in how the range of products for chambers work together.
  • An easy way to calculate and choose items for a chamber system.
  • Get construction planners to direct their purchases to Pipelifes products.


End customers, WW consultants, construction planners, resellers, internally at Pipelife.


A configurator "build-your-chamber" with free access from the web. Standard functionality in COMBINUM is used together with some minor customizations for look and feel on the configurator site and automatic creation of user accounts.

With COMBINUM we can manage the configuration rules ourselves without programming or need of consultants.

Mats Thorén, Marketing Manager at Pipelife Sverige AB

The user is guided by distinct images and a set of rules that prevents disallowed selections. Behind the scenes dimensions are continuously calculated in formulas and matrices via the module COMBINUM Product Data.

The user's selections and the result from the calculations are used for breaking down the item structure to a bill of materials, which is done by the module COMBINUM Structure. All this happens meanwhile the user specifies the chamber.

The final result is a bill of materials where each item is illustrated by an image. The user can also request a report in Microsoft Word to continue working with, to print or to file.

Mats Thorén, Marketing Manager at Pipelife Sverige AB

"With COMBINUM we can setup the questions that need to be asked to the end customer and link a set of rules that makes sure everything is correct. The system gives an overview of how the products relates to each other. With COMBINUM we can manage the configuration rules ourselves without programming or need of consultants."

"The configurator makes it easy for our customers to find the right combination of standard components to build the desired chamber. In the long run the goal is to create additional sales of our volume products."

"Our hope is to widen the use to our sister companies in other countries within the Pipelife group."

Test drive

You are welcome to test drive Bygg-din-brunn (build your chamber) on Pipelife's site.

Book a guided demo where the rules behind the scene is also shown by calling Kjell Green, +46 (0)33 - 323 12 12.