Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is a global energy specialist with more than 140 000 employees and business in over 100 countries.

One of the business areas is Busway & Cable Management where Schneider Electric among other things offers cable trays, mesh trays and cable ladders branded Wibe and Defem.

Before COMBINUM was selected Schneider Electric had hard coded software for calculation of cable ladders. These were distributed via CD and were hard to keep up-to-date. There was a distinct need for a configurator that Schneider Electric could grow in.

Configuration of cable ladders at Schneider Electric


  • Tool for electricians for quantity calculations of cable trays, mesh trays and cable ladders
  • Avoidance of incorrect dimensioning
  • Creation of marketing advantages by making it easy to choose products from Schneider


Project sales managers, wholesalers, electricians, construction project managers and construction consultancies.

The users resides in Sweden, the Nordic countries and in Russia.


The solution became a configurator named WIBE / Defem Configuration Tool that is available for registered users over the internet.

The configurator helps our customers to get the best economical solution.

Ulf Johansson, Technical Support Manager - Cable Management at Schneider Electric

The configuration process starts at the project level. Below the project the user creates sections that, for example, represent a floor or a room. Every section can in turn contain one or more installations of cable management.

In this way the user gets a good overview and ways to navigate in large scale installations. But you can also jump directly into quantity calculations of cable trays, mesh trays and cable ladders if you are working with a smaller installation.

Recently, Schneider Electric has expanded the contents of the configurator to include configuration of busbar trunkings for lighting distribution under the brand name Canalis.

The output from the configurator is a correct order list with items and quantities. The list can be consolidated for the complete project or per section.

Read more about busway and cable management on the homepage of Schneider Electric.

Ulf Johansson, Technical Support Manager -
Cable Management at Schneider Electric

"The configurator helps our customers to get the best economical solution and shows the allowed load for the assembly in a perspicuous way."

"With COMBINUM the customer only needs to specify the surrounding environment and the system automatically selects the right product type and the right surface treatment."

"We also have great use of COMBINUM internally when supporting our customers or making quotes."