Do you remember WordPerfect in the early nineties? You edited documents in a text editor that showed commands like [Center] in clear text. Today, no one would dream of using a word processer without WYSIWYG - what you see is what you get.

This trend is now coming widely to CPQ. You have probably seen it already in tailormade configurators for consumer products like cars, furniture, or villas. The same trend now comes to B2B markets. Customers expect to see what they will get as they pick among the product’s options.

A configurator can solve many challenges related to mass customization products. Challenges exists all along the road from request to delivered product and therefor the configurator often acts as a central connection point.

But to act as a central connection point places great demands in the ability to communicate. If the quoting and order processes shall be efficient, integrations to surrounding systems are required.

We are happy to introduce the new module COMBINUM Customer Management that makes COMBINUM a complete CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) system. This module lets you manage your customers along with related information like contacts, addresses, prices and delivery terms in COMBINUM. When it's time to create a quote you select a customer from the register and related data is pulled in ...

With COMBINUM you are totally free to have the report design your way. No more design choices forced by the application! The reports in COMBINUM are built up with the same elements as in the Microsoft Word format which gives you full freedom in the design. But that's old news... What's new is that you can import Word styles to COMBINUM and thereby save a lot of time. You simply ...